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Tired of making design compromises?

If you can't afford to compromise, consider a custom touch sensor - custom doesn't mean $$$, especially when you end up with the product you want, exactly as you envisioned it!

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Section 4: Uncompromised Design

A stock touch sensor can be a great answer but it usually comes with some compromises.

A compromised design means that your engineering department made accommodations in the design of your unit to use the stock capacitive sensor.

Those compromises could include:

• requiring additional components

• additional assembly steps

• more expensive assembly processes

• more complicated software development

• longer development period

• removal of product features

• compromised look/feel

• more complicated rework/repair procedures


There will always be compromises between product management, engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing. The goal is to minimize the compromises.

Here are commonly reported problems when an application suffers from design compromises:

❒  Engineering did not design the unit exactly how it was envisioned

❒  Extra parts were needed to accommodate the sensor tail location and/or length

❒  Unit does not meet engineering’s requirements as originally outlined

❒  Unit does not function/perform as intended in all required conditions

❒  Unit is not assembled in the most efficient manner, or there are work-arounds in assembly to accommodate the sensor

❒  People assembling the unit think it could be designed differently to reduce manufacturing costs or improve product performance

❒  Unit cannot be repaired easily in the field and needs to come back to the factory

❒  Repairs cannot be made cost effectively or are more complicated than desired

❒  Product features were removed or reduced against product manager’s wishes

A custom designed sensor may help avoid some of these problems seen with stock sensors.



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